You may have thought your service was good elsewhere, now get ready for the best. Soheila is the consummate professional; meticulous, thorough and takes pride in her results. I’ve been to other ‘professionals’ and they pale in comparison. In fact, I travel from Florida knowing I will get the best with Soheila. – Deb G

I could not be happier with my permanent eyeliner! Having fair complexion and blonde eyelashes, it provided the subtle and natural definition my eyes lacked. Now after tennis and golf when my makeup has worn off, my eyes still look good. I like being able to put on my makeup faster now that I don’t have to line my eyes. The process was quick and painless and immediately looked great. No one noticed that it was permanent until I told them…then they were amazed at how natural it looked. Soheila is very skillful and professional. She also got rid of my chin hairs in 30 min. My next project will be permanent eyebrows! – Meredith F

I live out of state, but made a special trip to Soheila because of my total trust in her. She is truly a kind gentle lady with a gentle touch. Having permanent make up has made me feel free when working out in the gym (which a I do daily). I look as good after my workout with no concern about “running eyebrows”. Thank you Soheila! – Florette

For me it all started with a persistent chin hair problem. After going to 4 different electrolysis offices for 8 years, it was Soheila’s careful and gentle treatment that finally got rid of them. It was the beginning a journey. Getting rid of upper lip’s hair, applying permanent eyeliner and treatments for skin pigmentation and facials all have come along the way. I feel and look better every day because of Soheila’s helping hand. Now, it has become a family affair since my teenage daughter started seeing her to get rid of her unibrow, loving the results so far. Thank you Soheila for making me and my family more beautiful! – Guita I