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Young women and men making the transition into adulthood are going through hormonal changes which can effect hair growth and skin.

Hair Removal
A Gentle Touch has many years of experience working with our younger clients to permanently remove unwanted hair and effectively address skin issues.

Skin Care
Soheila believes in educating adolescents and teenagers how to protect skin and prevent damages from environmental and daily damages.

Make Up
As a professional makeup artist, Soheila offers consultations for teens to learn how to be sophisticated lifelong users of makeup. Teens learn flattering everyday colors and techniques, but also how to be savvy consumers and identify quality products that are right for their lifestyle and skin.

As a mother of two young adults herself, Soheila understands how busy teenage lives are and the importance of knowledge and comfort is when embarking on a treatment. She sees it as a privilege to help teens feel confident inside and out.

Clients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian for the initial consultation.