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Electrolysis is the only method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.

As the hair is treated, regrowth is prevented rather than just removed temporarily. A Gentle Touch provides professional electrolysis hair removal in Rockville, MD. Electrolysis works on all skin tones, types of hair, ages and causes for hair growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Electrolysis

Q. What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is a procedure that aids in the destruction of hair follicles via the use of an electric current in order to reduce hair growth in a specified area.

 Early electrolysis first emerged in the late 1870s, and over the last century has evolved greatly due to the development of new technologies, methods, and sterilization.

Q. How does Electrolysis compare to Laser? 

Laser hair reduction – is just that reduction – it is not FDA approved for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Melanin in the hair absorbs energy from the laser, creating heat which damages the hair follicle. Light hair, blond hair, red hair, white hair, gray hair, and dark skin are more challenging for laser treatment. Electrolysis works on all skin tones and hair types to permanently remove the unwanted hair.

Q. How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required for an individual is different from person to person. There are specific factors that can be evaluated to determine an individual’s required number of treatments:

Factors which can determine required number of treatments:

  • Hair growth cycles
  • Amount/Area of hair being removed
  • Structure of the hair (soft, stiff, etc)
  • History of hair removal
  • Hereditary and hormone changes
  • Key to the best result: consistency to follow up treatments

Q. Will hair regrow after Electrolysis?

The hair grows in different cycles and because of this not all hair can be eliminated in one treatment, and also, new hairs may begin to grow. Hairs also referred to as “dormant hairs” can also emerge. However, this is why a plan of several treatments is more effective than just one treatment.

Soft hair is easier to eliminate than stiff or coarse hair. Typically, patients require several treatments to entirely eliminate coarse hair.

Treatments and Appointment Types
Hairs cannot always be eliminated with one treatment. Eliminating hair growth cells may require multiple treatments. During your consultation, we will put together a treatment plan and estimate for your electrolysis.

About A Gentle Touch

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BODY                                                                  FACE

Bikini          Breasts                                            Upper Lip     Chin
Chest          Back                                                  Sideburns    Cheeks
Stomach    Hands                                               Eyebrows     Hairline
Arms           Underarms                                     Neck
Legs             Thighs
Feet              Toes

Before Your Appointment

  • Stop tweezing/waxing or depilating
  • Stop shaving the area
  • Drink lots of water the week before – well hydrated skin can help the treatment be more effective

For more Frequently Asked Questions about Electrolysis, we recommend the following sites, but also encourage you to make an consultation appointment.

FAQ’s about Permanent Hair Removal

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