Permanent Makeup

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Imagine waking up, and your eyebrows are already perfectly filled in.

Never worry about lipstick during dinner or a kiss.

Emerge from the pool –  rubbing your eyes, and your eyeliner is still perfect.

Permanent makeup is one of the fastest growing beauty trends in the world. With extensive advanced training and over 1,000 applications – Soheila Biria provides professional permanent makeup in Rockville, MD. She uses a method called “soft tap” micro pigmentation to implant color by hand into the dermis. The pigment remains permanently between the layers of the skin, giving time and freedom back to people for whom constant makeup application has become a chore.

Our Philosophy
We pride ourselves in precision, subtlety, the highest standards of care so each client realizes their own beauty vision.

  • Practicing micropigmentation since 2000
  • Extensive advanced training and continuing professional education
  • As a licensed electrologist who is regulated by the Board of Nursing, we follow OSHA guidelines for sterilization and patient safety

As a licensed esthetician and traditional makeup artist – Soheila uniquely applies her understanding of the face’s natural beauty, line and colors with her soft-tap method of micro pigmentation. Makeup should make you look and feel your best without interrupting your life- so we work with you to create a look that suits your lifestyle and vision.

Sterilization Standards
We take all universal precautions and meet the proposed national sterilization standards recommended by CDC. We use only sterile, prepackaged instruments and adhere to strict sterilization procedures to avoid cross-contamination.

Free Consultations
We offer Free Consultation for all permanent makeup clients.  By understanding your personal goals and skin – we can work together to create the perfect look. You can see how the session will go, and I can provide you a personalized estimate for cost of the application. All Permanent Makeup treatments include a patch test, prior to the application, to make sure there will be no allergic reactions.
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  • Eyebrow
  • Eyeliner
  • Lips
  • Breast Areola (Post-Mastectomy and Breast Reconstruction)

Touchup visits are recommended after a year.
For pricing and more information book a personal consultation.

I could not be happier with my permanent eyeliner! Having fair complexion and blonde eyelashes, it provided the subtle and natural definition my eyes lacked. Now after tennis and golf when my makeup has worn off, my eyes still look good. I like being able to put on my makeup faster now that I don’t have to line my eyes. The process was quick and painless and immediately looked great. No one noticed that it was permanent until I told them…then they were amazed at how natural it looked. Soheila is very skillful and professional.
My next project will be permanent eyebrows!
– Meredith F.

Permanent Makeup is recommended for:

  • People who can’t wear traditional cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities
  • Active and Athletic People – swimmers, runners, and other people who don’t want to sweat off their makeup or reapply after the gym
  • Vision challenged who have difficulty applying their cosmetics, including contact lens users
  • People with Oily skin who shed makeup easily
  • Busy people and frequent travelers for whom makeup is a daily burden
  • People with dexterity related conditions  such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke survivors
  • People with very fair eyebrows or hair loss resulting in eyebrow loss
  • Hair loss due to Cancer and Chemotherapy treatment
  • Anyone who desires the freedom from inconvenient makeup application